SFXCAA (USA) 2022 Summer Picnic

Sat 2022/08/06 Boothbay Park, CA

  • Photo/Media Credit: Michael Yuen
    • Wherever name tags are readable in some photos, their names & graduation years have been added to the photo file names (just hover mouse over those photos to display details).

  • Video Credit: Clement Ho

Uncensored (OLD?) 金山 chicken legs

Lisa & Sonny upheld 金山 chicken charcoal roasting

A “Smart Gal” & some other adults

Welcome our new President Sonny Chan (T90) & Vice President Donald Chan (K67)

… Secretary Keith Chin (K71)

… Treasurer Francis Wong (K67)

… Donald previously known as Lawrence?

潘金蓮 – Who is he?

… Membership managed by Kenny Lau (K67)

… A 360-degree spin, “Seriously” …