How to Edit Your Profile & Upload Photos?

  1. Select from Home page Top menu Members > Your Profile
  2. Click the blue “cog” icon to the right to select Edit Profile (see snap shot below)
  3. On this page, you can
    • click your Personal or Cover Photo to upload / change it
    • enter or edit a short description about you up to 360 characters
  4. Before exiting, don’t forget to click Update Profile button

NOTE A photo with 1000-pixel width is required to load up as your Cover Photo – here is how you can display the size of a photo in pixels:-

  • Open the folder where you keep your photos.
  • Move the mouse cursor on an empty space in background of the folder to change focus.
  • Hover the mouse cursor over a photo without clicking & wait for a pop-up with additional info including pixels (see snap shot below)

Home page > Members > Your Profile

– Click Edit Profile

Select a Cover Photo of at least 1000 pixels wide

– Hover Mouse Pointer over a photo to display its dimensions