2022 Aug 6 BBQ event recap

  1. Aug 6, 2022 BBQ has arrived and passed. It is so nice that we can see each other again after 2.5 years.
  2. 26 members and 13 spouses showed up and we had a great time sharing pandemic news and fun. Photos will be posted here shortly.
  3. During the gathering, new staff members and a new President were announced:
    President: Sonny Chan T90
    Vice President: Donald Chan K67
    Secretary: Keith Chin K71
    Treasurer: Francis Wong K67
    Webmaster: Raymond Ho K72, Clement Ho K72
    Recreation: Joseph Fung K67
    Membership: Kenny Lau K67
  4. Welcome Lawrence Kwok K92, a new member and first time to this event.
  5. Later on, we will figure out when to meet for the Lunar New Year Luncheon and hopefully by then, we can call the event “Farewell Covid pandemic”.
  6. Thank to Wallace Tang (Moved to Rhode Island for a new chapter and adventure) for his past contribution as a President and band-music co-ordinator. Best of luck with his new journey.
  7. Also thanks to Edmund Lo on helping us reserve Boothbay Park the last 10 years or so.
    Thanks to every members who supported, brought food etc and made the BBQ possible.
  8. As usual, the event ended with all members singing the SFX school song together.


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