SFXBOYS 3rd Worldwide Fund Raising Campaign for Bro. Gregory (Marist Schools) in Kenya, Africa:


"Towards Sustainability Through Education and Love of Work"


To Create 140 SFXBOYS Scholarships of US$200 each for School Year 2014.    

Appeal to All SFX Alumni:   "Support Our Marist Brothers Mission"
Messages from Bro. Gregory:   "From Student to Marist Brother to Principal!"
  "Cycle of Receiving and Giving"
  "Thank you all SFX Old Boys !!" 
Histrory of SFXBOYS Worldwide Contribution: a) 2003 "Save Our Boat" contributed US$30,000 to replace their sunken boat.
b) 2011 1st Worldwide Fund Raising created 100 scholarships of US$200 each for school year 2012.
c) 2012 2nd Worldwide Fund Raising created 120 scholarships of US$200 each for school year 2013.
d) 2013 3rd Worldwide Fund Raising will create 140 scholarships of US$200 each for school year 2014.
Meet Students We are Helping: Marist School Student Profiles / Messages of Hope.

Meet Your Regional Coordinators: Meet dedicated SFX alumni Regional Coordinators.
How You Can Help: 1) By donating to one of the regional Coordinators in Hong Kong  Australia  Vancouver  Toronto  USA  Worldwide.
2) Method of remittance.
3) By spreading the word to all your good old SFX classmates.
Consolidated Donor List: Every donor name will be centrally displayed on this web page.  Donor list

Campaign Log: See what is happening Chronicle

Support: Any questions? Contact Coordinators or Email SFXBOYS Webmaster:  bosco@bosco1.com

Photos from Marist Brothers Mission in Kenya, Africa  Marist Schools in Kenya:  MARISTKENYA.COM

 Bro. Gregory encouraging BMSS students in the field (2013).      

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Support Our Marist Brothers Mission in Africa

All of us SFX alumni have benefited from the loving care and dedication of our beloved Marist Brotheres, ever since the 1950's in Hong kong to the present day. Bro. Gregory, one among many, was our teacher and principal for many years. He is now with the Mission running three Marist schools in Kenya, Africa.

Within the following correspondence in 2013, Bro. Gregory has reported great progress in the Marist Schools and other development around the campuses. All of these are very encouraging to SFXBOYS worldwide to continue helping our Marist Brothers in Kenya, Africa.  Please invite all your SFX buddies anywhere around the world to view this web page! (Just tell them to search the Internet for "SFXBOYS")

No matter how spectacular or modest our donations, we want to show our gratitude and support to the Marist Brothers for their life-long dedication to education, especially in China, Hong Kong, and also around the world.  Bro. Gregory has also graciously and enthusiastically accepted, in his previous letter, our humble request to use all SFXBOYS donations to set up a SFXBOYS Scholarships fund for the Marist Schools in Kenya!  We earnestly want to make this a lasting legacy !  The Marist Brothers have always been an inspiration to us. By doing our part in a small way, we can carry on our own missionary work, becoming their Co-Missionaries !  

By the way, if you are not yet a registered member of  SFXBOYS.com worldwide (based in San Francisco),  please join us now, click here  ===> Register Now   See who have already joined SFXBOYS.com click here ===> Who is Who 

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Message from Bro. Gregory (2014) 

Email confirmating Total Donation Transfers


Messages from Bro. Gregory (2013)
                                        (1) "From Student to Marist Brother to Principal"

From: Hans Seubert [mailto:seubert.hans@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2013 9:38 AM
To: Bosco Ho (SFXBOYS)
Subject: Re: SFXBOYS Fund Raising for Bro. Gregor

To : Bosco Ho,  Webmaster

Dear Bosco, 

Sending you greetings and sincere thanks for your untiring efforts and commitment to support our Marist Missions in Kenya, East Africa.  I do not have adequate words to you and all our SFX OLD BOYS how much you mean to our mission.  Truly, it is a hard mission where we are, but your loyal and faithful support gives us strength and courage to persevere against all odds.  Together with you, we are able to bring hope to many of the destitute youngsters in this region.  Thank you one and all

Bro. Thomas Omari is a Kenyan by birth.  After completing his secondary school,  he trained in St. Martin YTC, our technical school on Mfangano island. This is also where he decided on his vocation to become a Marist Teaching Brother.  It is only the three years since Bro. Thomas completed his College Education at Marist International  university in Nairobi.  This month of February 2013, he has been appointed Principal of Bishop Mugendi Secondary School.  In a few sentences he expresses his vision and concerns  as he  embarks  on his new  and extremely challenging responsibility.  I am decided to give him all the help and support I can. Thomas say:

“Bishop Mugendi Secondary School, run by the Marist Brothers is situated in the last outskirts of the west of Kenya, in an arid area.  Ironically, it also borders on Lake Victoria,  Africa´s largest lake. We Brothers strive to impart a holistic education to these marginalized youths, both boys and girls. We have transformed acres of fallow land within the school compound to produce mostly maize and millet to help feed up to 200 mouths a day.  Many students in the area drop out of school due to lack of school  fees and turn to the lake for fishing, thus missing out on finding purpose and direction for their life.

Bro. Gregory, my teacher and principal when I was learning in the technical school , and now my fellow- Marist Brother, referred me to  the website of sfxboys.com.   I am deeply moved by the generosity and involvement of the St. Francis Xavier alumni.  Seeing, how your love knows no bounds as you actively contribute towards our Marist apostolate on this remote black Continent.

I like to express my deepest gratitude for your initiatives which enabled us in the transformation of the fallow land within the school compound and making it arable,  and for your help to keep needy and deserving students in the school through your contributions to the scholarship fund.  Especially those students who are willing to render services in the farm and taking care of the animals (rabbits, chickens, pigs, goats? benefit from your help.  Let me express our deepest appreciation, also in the name of the beneficiaries.  As I have noted on the website, those great and loyal Xaverians of Bro. Gregory and our Marist Missions are continuing this good work in the New Year 2013.?/p>

So much for the message of Bro. Thomas.  Let me conclude by wishing Bro. Joseph Chang a HAPPY 81ST BIRTHDAY  and all the Brothers together with all you Old Boys and your families a  HAPPY NEW YEAR 20113 and God`s blessings for the Year of the Snake.

Your Bro. Gregory

Hans Seubert
Marist Brothers Ramba
40300 Homa Bay, Box 479
+254 724 519 267
Hans Seubert [seubert.hans@gmail.com]

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                                            Message from Bro. Gregory (2013)
                                        (2) "Cycle of Receving and Giving"

From: Hans Seubert [mailto:seubert.hans@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2013 2:06 AM
To: Bosco Ho (SFXBOYS/NCE68)
Cc: Bosco Ho

Subject: A word from Bro. Gregory in Kenya

Dear Bosco, 

greetings from this "hot" country of Kenya.  Indeed, this country, situated on the equator,  is hot in more senses than one.  This is the more reason why we must not tire in our commitment to education and human formation of the young people entrusted to us in our MARIST SCHOOLS.  Through our website, you and the Old Boys are aware of the ongoing co-operation between our St. Martin Technical School on the island of Mfangano and Bishop Mugendi Mixed Secondary School on the mainland. I am attaching a photo of some of the boys and girls who are receiving help towards their school fees through the Old Boys  which, in turn, enables us in our struggle to keep them in school.  The attached photo shows a group of them. Yesterday, Friday afternoon, I just called them together, as they were weeding in the maize field, for a word of encouragement.  I told them of the help which they are receiving from you, our OUR SFX OLD BOYS, which makes it possible for them to continue their schooling.  In  turn, a number of them approached me later to ask me to convey their appreciation and greetings to you all!

Their sharing also reminded me of the 1950´s, the beginnings of SFXC in Shamshuipo.  Some of you and your parents also found it difficult to raise the monthly school fees.  Those were the days when Bro. Kenny was headmaster, and I know that the Brothers, through their donors, could extend the same help to you.  As some of you have shared with me, you now want to extend the same help to others in need, even though they are unknown to you, of different color and creed. 

Dear OLD BOYS, I like to conclude this brief message: through your voluntary support to these disadvantaged young people in this remote region on the black continent, you demonstrate your sense of gratitude and a great spirit of generosity and loyalty, which is XVERIAN and MARIST! Thank you and God bless you!

Your Brother Gregory  

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How you can help

Method of Remittance

We encourage each SFXBOYS chapter to organize their own campaign and, regardless of the methods of collection and reporting, 100% of your donations will go directly to Bro. Gregory (Marist Brothers Mission). Each donation will be recorded by our Regional Coordinator and reported to the Webmaster for publication on this web page. Only donor name, or pseudonym, is listed without the dollar amount.

Please make a generous donation to sponsor a scholarship or to contribute to the fund. To save time and banking fees for Bro. Gregory, we will pool all donations as much as possible - by region (See below "Where and How to Send donations"). If you send in a group donation, please include all donor names.  Please try to contribute by March 20, 2014. We will transfer all donations directly to Bro. Gregory Marist's bank account prompty.


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Here is Where and How you can send your donations:

SFXBOYS  (Worldwide)                                                                                       

Anyone anywhere can send check/money order/wire to the following. Your donation will be acknowledged by the Webmaster via email, and your name (or pseudonym, if requested) will be published, in the Worldwide Donors List, with dollar value hidden.  A running total will be displayed.   Donors List

Contact:  SFXBOYS Webmaster     
bosco@bosco1.com  or  bosco-ho@att.net

Make check payable to:
Bosco Ho SFXBOYS-WW  (Memo: SFXBOYS for Bro. Gregory)

1076 Windjammer Circle 
Foster City,
Ca  94404-3057
Or use:
Bank Transfer / Online Banking

SWIFT Code:  BOFAUS3N (for International transfer only)
Routing #:     121000358
A/C #:          10875 76308
A/C Name:     Bosco Ho SFXBOYS-WW
Bank Name:   Bank of America, Foster City, CA Branch
Memo:           SFXBOYS for Bro. Gregory, Your Name (pseudonym, optional)           

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 MSAA (Hong Kong)    Hong Kong Marist Schools Alumni Association (i.e. SFXCAA & SFXSAA Combined)

Contacts: Chow Ka Po,  kapo.chow@gmail.com             MSAA(HK) President: Arthur Leung: arthurleungkk@gmail.com
                                                                             MSAA(HK) Website:http://xaverians.net                                   
                                 Donors List                                                        

Make cheque payable to:
Chow Ka Po,  specify "SFXBOYS for Bro. Gregory" on the back of cheque;
Mailing address:
Chow Ka Po (MSAA-HK),
Room 13, 2/F, B3 Building
Hong Kong Institute of Education,
Tai Po,
Hong Kong

or bank transfer to:
HSBC account:  100-126465-833 (CHOW KA PO), for SFXBOYS Scholarship.


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SFXBOYS  (Canada)                         

Please send check to one of the following.     Donors List

Toronto, Ont., Canada  

Make check payable to Philip Chan   (Memo: SFXBOYS for Bro. Gregory)


Philip Chan (SFXBOYS-TOR)
3 Landmark Court
Ontario L3R 9N3

 Toronto Contact:      Philip Chan   philip.chan.k@gmail.com   President: henry_chance@hotmail.com
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Vancouver Contact
: Jobic Yeung  



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SFXBOYS (USA                                                                                          

Please send check to the following. Your name will not be published, only the last 4 digits of your bank account will be listed.    Donors List

Make check payable to Keith Chin  (Memo: SFXBOYS for Bro. Gregory)

Keith Chin  (SFXBOYS-USA, Pres)
266 Creedon Cir,
CA 94502.

                                              Contact:  Chapter President: Keith Chin keithkchin@gmail.com


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SFXBOYS  (Australia)                        Contact:  Frank Lau   flau@bigpond.net.au       Donors List


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SFXBOYS (WW) Donors List 
      as of:  3/31/2014

Last Name  First Name  SFXBOYS () Date Rec'd Method US$
Anonymous sfxboy n/a 1/5/2014 Cash  
Anonymous (luncheon) USA 1/25/2014 cash  
Anonymous (ey) USA 1/14/2014 Check   
Anonymous (pc) USA 3/11/14 check  
Chan Donald  USA 1/6/2014 Check   
Chan  Richard  AUS 1/13/2014 Check   
Chan  Sir (Wai Leung) USA 1/25/2014 cash  
Cheung  Louis  AUS 1/13/2014 Check   
Chin Keith USA 1/12/2014 Check   
Chu Andrew EU (GB) 2/7/2014 Paypal  
Ho Bosco USA 1/2/2014 wire  
Ho  Ping Tong uSA 2/18/2014 Check   
Hui Shin Chung HK 1/3/2014 Check   
Lau Frank AUS 1/13/2014 wire  
Lau Kenny USA 2/27/2014 check  
Lee Bosco USA 1/15/2014 Check   
Lee Winston USA 1/25/2014 cash  
Ling Sumner USA 2/25/2014 chk  
Mak Richard S W UK 1/2/2014 wire  
Paau Alan USA 3/17/2014 Check  
Solomon Tim Richmond, BC 1/25/2014 check via G. Tsang  
Young  Aaron USA 1/13/2014 Check   
Total:  7,000.00

SFXBOYS (Canada) Donors List 
      as of:  3/31/2014

Last Name  First Name  SFXBOYS () Date Rec'd Method US$
Anonymous   Canada 3/24/2014 Misc. 6,140.00
Total:  6,140.00

SFXBOYS (HK) Donors List 
      as of:  4/10/2014
Name  Campus Year SFXBOYS () Date Rec'd Method USD
Anonymous Misc. Misc.      
Andrew Lam HK
Chan Ping Kuen Peter K69 HK  
Chow Ka Po K91 HK  
CHOW Men Yau William T75 HK  
Dinner donation HK
Fung Chi Wood K74 (?) HK  
Hung Chung Chi Johnny K69 HK  
Julius Chan Kai Tak K76 HK  
Kenneth Ku K69 HK  
Ko Tak Yin George K57 HK  
Lai Man Kin Daniel T75 HK  
Leung Kam Keung Arthur K79 HK  
Tan Man Fui Peter K67 HK  
Ting Chak Leung George K67 HK  
Wayne Lau K90 HK  
Wong Chan Fung Raymond K67 Singapore  
Wong Leung Yim Simon ? HK  
Wong Shing Yick Francis K67 HK  
Wong Wing Cheung K77 HK  
Wong Wing Wah Maurice K67 (?) HK  
Yeung Man Chor Thomas K67 HK  
Total:  8,230.00

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                               The 2013 SFXBOYS Fund Raising Chronicle  

(California, USA time)
 Dec. 14, 2013    Kick-off Fund Raising email to all SFXBOYS by Webmaster.
  Mar. 06, 2014  Reminder email.
 May 29, 2014  Bro. Gregory confirmed all donation bank transfer.  View his email  
 Jun. 5, 2014    Final report on Fund Raising by Webmaster.
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