SFXBOYS Worldwide Fund Raising Campaign for Bro. Gregory in Kenya, Africa:


      Goal: Create 100 SFXBOYS Scholarships of $200 each for 2012

       web page last updatd: Monday, December 10, 2012

"Help !!!   Save Our Marist Schools ! "
(For Rev. Bro. Gregory,  Kenya, Africa,  Oct., 2011) 

(Bro. Gregory used to be our Teacher / Principal at SFX in Hong Kong for many years) ===>    Bro. Gregory w/  F.4  Class

Link to
Marist Schools in Kenya:  MARISTKENYA.COM

Kenya, Africa  Locations of 3 Marist Schools     


With the following letter dated Oct. 9, 2011, Bro. Gregory has asked all of us SFXBOYS around the world to help save the Marist Schools in Kenya, Africa.  Please help generously as we had done for him previously in 2003 in the successful campaign "Salvage Our Boat!".  Please invite all your SFX buddies to view this web page! (Just tell them about the Internet Search magic word "SFXBOYS").

No matter how spectacular or modest our donations, we want to show our gratitude and support to the Marist Brothers for their life-long dedication to education, especially in China, and also around the world.  Bro. Gregory has also graciously and enthusiastically accepted, in his second letter below dated Oct. 25, 2011, our request to use all SFXBOYS / BMSS donations to set up a SFXBOYS Scholarships fund for the Marist Schools in Kenya!  Hope this will be the beginning of a lasting and fulfilling relationship!  The Marist Brothers have always been an inspiration to us. By doing our part in a small way, we can carry out our missionary work vicariously through them! 

We encourage each SFXBOYS chapter to organize their own campaign and, regardless of the methods of receiving and reporting the contributions, 100% of your donations will go directly to Bro. Gregory.  If you do not have specific instructions from your local/regional chapter, you may send your donations to SFXBOYS Worldwide, and the SFXBOYS Webmaster will email you a confirmation and list your name (or pseudonym, if requested by you) on our Donors List, without a dollar value. A running total will be displayed. 

Please refer to further details (How You Can Help) after the letters from Bro. Gregory.

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Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2011 14:23:41 +0300
Subject: Appreciation and updating
From: seubert.hans@gmail.com
To: mknet51@hotmail.com; philip.chan.k@gmail.com; sfxcalumni@googlegroups.com; wytwille@netvigator.com; kapo.chow@gmail.com; cwsjerry@gmail.com


let me begin by sending you most hearty greetings and my deepest appreciation to one and all. Above I have inserted only a few email addresses as I know that each specific group-- be it in HK, Canada, USA, California, Australia,.. --- is in close and constant contact within their region. In this way all will be informed. For this I am deeply appreciative.  

As we have been communicating on a regular basis, let me recapture in a nutshell, some of the current activities of this septuagenarian Brother of yours on the black Continent:

  • St. Martin Youth Training Centre (YTC) in the village of Ramba on the island of Mfangano in Lake Victoria
  • BISHOP MUGENDI SECONDARY SCHOOL (BMSS) on the lake shore of the mainland
  • Planning the Development (together with another Brother) of a recently purchased piece of land by the Marist Brothers in an area of the country suitable for agriculture and eventually a school

Having said this, let me gratefully acknowledge the spontaneous and generous help which came from you, the OLD BOYS, from Hong Kong, Canada, USA California from groups and individuals. As some of you have mentioned, you want to relieve hunger, repair our boat XAVIER CELLINE and support the YTC and the revival and strengthening of BMSS. 

The repair work of our fiberglass boat was done by ourselves at YTC; the cost of materials was US$ 650/-

To relieve hunger in the worst drought in East Africa in the past sixty years we have been helping schools, widows and orphans... with food: maize, cooking fat, flour, rice, beans...

This has been made possible through the generosity of you, the OLD BOYS, as well as other good hearted donors and friends of the Marist Brothers, especially from my homeland, Germany. 

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In the past week we have done an evaluation of our joint efforts between St. Martin YTC and BMSS, towards VIABILITY of this secondary school. Per attachment I am sending you the evaluation report of Bro. Elie, the Principal. 

Albert Mak, on behalf of the Old Boys of SFXC California, has asked me to propose a THEME to help advance this cause. This is what we propose as becomes clear from our evaluation. 


Thank you and may God bless you, your families and all your loved ones,

Your Bro. Hans (Gregory)

Hans Seubert
Marist Brothers Ramba
40300 Homa Bay, Box 479
+254 724 519 267

Subject:  Re: BMSS - Fund Raising Campaign web page
From:      "Bro. Gregory (Hans Seubert)" <seubert.hans@gmail.com>
Date:      Tue, October 25, 2011 6:56 am
To:          "Bosco Ho" <bosco@bosco1.com>
Cc:          flau@bigpond.net.au (more)

Dear Bosco et al,
I am happy to send greetings of gratitude and joy to you, the SFXBOYS Webmaster and, through you, to one and all Xavarians.

The SFXBOYS are one of a kind and truly astounding. I have a feeling, you have done it once again for you have proven yourself before and over many decades. While I feel very, very happy for you because of your loyalty and generosity of heart, I also feel humbled in the face of God. You engage yourself for our worldwide Marist Mission, irrespective of race, colour or creed to work towards a better world with more justice and peace.

Your additional proposal is absolutely super:

to designate all SFXBOYS / BMSS donations as a SFXBOYS Scholarships fund to be at (your/our) disposal for Marist Schools in Kenya

With such a proposal, I feel, we can reach a long term solution until, with time, the local population get out of their destitute situation as the basic hindrance to education for the marginalized is lack of school fees.
Through integral human formation, education of youths of both sexes and working towards food security locally we can achieve a better future in this remote area of the black continent. The support of our SFXBOYS would doubtless contribute substantially in speeding up this positive transformation for a more just world.

Your Brother Gregory (Hans)

                                                   How you can help 

Please make a generous donation in U.S. currency, if possible. To save time and banking fees (both sending & receiving charges) for Bro. Gregory, we will pool donations as much as possible - try circle of friends / local chapter-country / worldwide. One international SWIFT bank transfer to Africa could cost US $60.00! Since we are not in great hurry, checks or online banking may be less costly. If you send in a group donation, please keep records and send donor names.  Please try to contribute before Dec. 20, 2011, we will transfer a lump sum directly to Bro. Gregory Marist's bank account before Christmas.
(Updated Dec. 23, 2011: After your local chapter's deadline, you may still send in your donations to SFXBOYS (Worldwide) below. Any amount collected will be wired to Bro. Gregory periodically.)

SFXBOYS  (Worldwide)                                                                                       

Anyone can send check/money order/wire to the following. Your donation will be confirmed by the Webmaster via email, and your name (or pseudonym, if requested by you) will be published, in the Donors List, with no dollar value.  A running total will be displayed.   Donors List

 Make check payable to:   Bosco Ho SFXBOYS-WW

        Bosco Ho  (SFXBOYS-WW)                               Bank Transfer / Online Banking:  
 (** be mindful of bank service charges - both sending and receiving)
        1076 Windjammer Circle                                   SWIFT Code:  BOFAUS3N   (for International use only)
        Foster City,                                                   Routing #:     121000358

        Ca  94404-3057                                             A/C #:          10875 76308
        USA                                                             A/C Name:     Bosco Ho SFXBOYS-WW
                                                                          Bank Name:    Bank of America, Foster City, CA Branch
                                                                          Memo: For BMSS, Your Name (pseudonym, optional)        
                                                                         Contact:  SFXBOYS Webmaster    bosco-ho@att.net 


SFXBOYS  (USA)                                                                                                

Please send check (Memo: For BMSS) to the following.  Your name will not be reported, only the last 4 digits of your bank account will be listed with the check amount. A running total will be displayed.   Donors List

  Clemnet Ho                               
  4265 Verdigris Circle
  San Jose
  CA 95134
  USA                                                             Contact:  clem_ho@yahoo.com   President: Albert Mak: mknet51@hotmail.com


SFXBOYS  (Toronto)                         

Please send check (Memo: For BMSS) to the following. A confirmation by email will be sent to the donors.

Philip Chan
3 Landmark Court
Ontario L3R 9N3
Canada                                                          Contact:  philip chan,   philip.chan.k@gmail.com   President: henry_chance@hotmail.com 


SFXBOYS  (Vancouver)                      Contact:  Jobic Yeung,   jobic2@hotmail.com


SFXBOYS  (Australia)                        Contact:  Frank Lau   flau@bigpond.net.au


SFXCAA - Hong Kong                            Contact: Ka Po Chow,  kapo.chow@gmail.com
http://www.xaverians.net     President: alvinwonghk@hotmail.com


SFXSAA - TW                                        Contact: Ka Po Chow,  kapo.chow@gmail.com

              SFXBOYS (Worldwide) Donors List 
               Running Total: $3,270 as of 1/9/2012
             (Highest signle donation: $1,000.00)
Last Name  First Name  SFXBOYS () Date Rec'd Chk/Wire/Group
Chan Richard  Aus (K-73) 10/26/2011 wire Frank Lau, grp 1
Cheng Peter  Aus (T-68) 10/27/2011 wire Frank Lau, grp 2
Cheng Thomas Usa (K-76) 11/1/2011 chk
Cheung Louis Aus (T-68) 10/26/2011 wire Frank Lau, grp 1
Chow Paul Usa (K-71) 12/27/11 chk
Chu Hoi Ling Usa (K-67) 11/12/2011 chk-1
Chu Hoi Ling Usa (K-67) 12/27/11 chk-2
Fung  Joseph Aus  11/9/2011 chk
Ho Bosco Usa (K-66) 10/28/2011 chk
Hsu Sin-Chung Hk  (K-66) 1/9/2012 chk, via Edmund Lo
Hsu Willaim Aus (K-59) 12/6/2011 wire via J. Hsu
Lau Vincent  Aus 10/26/2011 wire Frank Lau, grp 1
Wong Francis  Aus (T-75) 10/26/2011  wire Frank Lau, grp 1
Young Aaron Usa (K-65) 11/14/2011  chk


SFXBOYS (USA) Donors List 
(as of 12/15/2011)
Donor (chk acct #)  Amount  Date Received 
2116 $100.00 10/18/11
4700 $50.00 10/21/11
7842 $60.00 10/21/11
1316 $100.00 10/22/11
cash  $50.00 10/24/11
8008 $50.00 10/24/11
6300 $75.00 10/24/11
5368 $100.00 10/25/11
9084 $200.00 10/27/11
5226 $200.00 10/28/11
2172 $250.00 10/29/11
3730 $50.00 11/1/11
3682 $100.00 11/2/11
0544 $60.00 11/2/11
1758 $80.00 11/3/11
1640 $50.00 11/15/11
2099 $50.00 11/15/11
7926 $100.00 11/29/11
2783 $75.00 12/9/11
2828 $60.00 12/9/11
6472 $100.00 12/9/11
6332 $100.00 12/10/11
5186 $150.00 12/10/11
7490 $100.00 12/19/11
Total: $2,310.00


                               The SFXBOYS Fund Raising 2011 Chronicle  

(California, USA time)
Oct. 9, 2011 Bro. Gregory's letter asking for support for BMSS (Marist Schools in Kenya, Africa).
Oct. 15, 2011 SFXBOYS Worldwide mobilized to set up Fund Raising Campaign for Bro. Gregory.
Oct. 25, 2011 Bro. Gregory accepted our request to set up SFXBOYS Scholarships fund for Marist Schools in Kenya, Africa.
Oct. 27, 2011 Campaign page published on our website.   
Oct. 29, 2011 Email sent to all SFXBOYS members worldwide. If you have not received it yet, it is because your email address on file is invalid. Please contact Webmaster:   bosco-ho@att.net    
Dec. 2, 2011 Update from Bro. Gregory: 1) as of end of Oct. 2011, US $13,000.00 received for school emergency use.  2) Challenge for all SFX OLD BOYS: create 100 SFXBOYS scholarships of $200.00 each for Marist schools for 2012. 
Dec. 2, 2011 Webmaster emailed all members re: Bro. Gregory's update of Dec. 2, 2011. 
Dec. 23, 2011 Webmaster emailed Bro. Gregory - progress: $5,000 collected; othere chapters are still fund raising till 1/31/12.
Mar. 5, 2012 Email update from Bro. Gregory received by Webmaster on Mar. 5, 2012.